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Southern Classic Tree Removal

Southern Classic Tree Removal is a tree company providing tree removal, tree services, tree trimming, stump grinding, firewood in and around Alpharetta, GA including Atlanta and North Metro Atlanta.
10655 Jones Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA
Phone: 770-772-5653
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Stump Removal

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Expert Stump Removal Service

Southern Classic Tree Removal is a full service Tree Removal service and to support this commitment we emply the best equipment in the Tree Removal industry. One of these classes of equipment is a professional stump grinder.

With a stump grinder we are able to turn an otherwise ugly stump into beautiful looking mulch!

There are many Reasons to have stump removed

  • Decay of stump invites pests
  • A stump can take decades to decay on it’s own
  • Certain Trees may continue to sprout new growth
  • Roots extend further than you think and do more damage then you think!
  • When stump has been removed and everything is cleaned up well or landscaped you will very happy you chose to do so.
  • If you leave stumps it could lead to sink holes or pose a major treat to anyone walking or running around them.


When not to have a stump removed:

  • Foundation or walls are too close to stump
  • Underground utilities are too close to stump
  • No access with machine
  • Landscaping around the stump that can suffeciently hide it





So, if you are looking to have an existing Stump Removed or looking for a Tree Removal Service that can turn the stumps that are left over into mulch after the job is done call: 770-722-5653