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  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • 31 Years in Business

Southern Classic Tree Removal

Southern Classic Tree Removal is a tree company providing tree removal, tree services, tree trimming, stump grinding, firewood in and around Alpharetta, GA including Atlanta and North Metro Atlanta.
10655 Jones Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA
Phone: 770-772-5653
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Emergency Tree Removal & Crane Work

Unlike most tree companies we work 24/7 x 365

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal and Crane Work in Atlanta Georgia.

Unlike most tree companies Southern Classic Tree Removal provides the services that you need - when you need them! We provide services 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year because emergencies happen at the most inopportune times.

Southern Classic Tree Removal takes great pride in the fact that we are always ready to provide anyone with the most Reasonable Prices, best Tree Removal Services, Top Notch Customer Support and what we believe is the industries Quickest Response Time.

Over the past "31" years we have also worked closely with most of the local insurance agencies/adjusters. This added experience translates to understanding how they want us to quote a job to ensure that the work is competative and to ensure that the job is approved quickly so that the work can be provided right away to prevent additional property damage!

When your property is on the line trust the Tree Removal Company who knows right from wrong!


We also provide Crane Services in Metro Atlanta

Cranes offer many advantages over manual removal, such as protecting surrounding property. When you remove trees using a crane, everything is slowly lowered to the ground so that is not only safer, but it protects surrounding landscaping.

Tree removal with cranes is faster, safer, and more ecologically sensative. While cranes are useful for precise removals, they are not always the best solution overall. One example is that over the years we have had several clients to share with us that they do not like when things are lifted over homes or around surrounding property structures. As a result we always consult with our customers before employing the use of cranes.

If you require Emergency Tree Removal or would if you have a tree that needs to be removed from a confined space give us a call for a Free Quote: 770-772-5653