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Southern Classic Tree Removal

Southern Classic Tree Removal is a tree company providing tree removal, tree services, tree trimming, stump grinding, firewood in and around Alpharetta, GA including Atlanta and North Metro Atlanta.
10655 Jones Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA
Phone: 770-772-5653
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Roswell Tree Service

Roswell Tree Service and Roswell Tree Removal

Everybody loves trees. Tall, strong and beautiful, they are the sturdiest living things in our neighborhood and often outlive us. And trees love us back with shade, color and protection. Yet unfortunately, sometimes here in Roswell a beloved tree completes its lifespan and must be removed. Perhaps there was a disease, fire, storm or unavoidable building project. At Southern Classic Tree Removal, we get it. For over 30 years we have been the experts at removing trees wherever and whenever needed throughout North Georgia.

Planning Each Job

We love trees, too, and begin each project by taking enough time to plan the best result. If complete removal is called for, we have the equipment and expertise for a clean, professional job. If not, we excel in trimming, pruning, topping and other maintenance to generate renewed life and vigor. We follow up with fresh mulch and firewood for the Roswell community. Wood chips are always free. Nothing goes to waste and the tree continues to take care of our needs.

We Care, and Act Accordingly

Our responsibility to residents and the town where we live and work has been built into our business since day one. We are a family business, started and nurtured in North Georgia, licensed and insured to earn your confidence. This is especially critical in a city environment like Roswell. Work may need to be performed near power lines, businesses, homes or historic areas. We take the time and care to work around the infrastructure, protecting our living space from unnecessary harm. We are also the experts on work permits. We know all the rules and will obtain any necessary permit for a safe, legal removal. Think of us as landscape surgeons, removing only what needs to go while leaving the city cleaner and healthier.

Emergency and Everyday Service

Residential, business and government customers count on us to keep Roswell looking and functioning in a healthy, vibrant way. When an emergency strikes, our crews go into action with 24/7 emergency service. Whether the problem is wind, hail or even the occasional ice storm, we have seen it all and can handle it promptly. But you don’t need an emergency to appreciate our work. Regular maintenance, such as annual trimmings, keep trees growing like new year after year and should be just as important to the conscientious landowner as the maintenance of homes and cars. Plus, our jobs include a thorough stump removal and cleanup service.

Confidence Based On Experience

Roswell residents are fortunate to have the best service choice right in their own backyard. One call brings out our caring and courteous staff with technical expertise second to none. Discounts are available for senior citizens and HOA groups. Southern Classic Tree Removal is the one-stop service solution throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Thousands of satisfied customers have placed their tree care needs in our hands. We are grateful for your confidence and work our hardest to earn it again every day with every job.